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Irene Drantch, Executive Director


Sharon Richman, Religious School Director

Sharon Richman has worked in the field of Jewish education for 25 years. Along with her experience in public and Hebrew school education, she brings passion, vision, and a commitment to the community that includes fostering a sense of inclusivity, unity, and personal connections with students and families. She received her BA in psychology from Queens College and completed a Master's in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Baruch College and a dual Master's in Special and General Education from Hunter College. Her professional experience includes director of human resources,  an extensive tenure as an educator at the Reform Temple of Forest Hills, and  principal at EMBEJC.  

Ms. Richman is guided by the tenet, "Chanoch lenaar al pi darko. Educate a child according to their way". Inasmuch, she emphasizes Jewish education as one that is hands-on, relevant, personal and meaningful for each child.

Lorenzo Smith, Maintenance


Lisa Eisner, Administrative Assistant

Inspired by Ulla, Mel Brooks's creation in the film, The Producers, Lisa thought she might become a secretary.  She soon learned that she had been misinformed about the requirements of the profession. No matter. Lisa rolled with it and has brought her inner Ulla to her work in the Start-Up Nation and education and synagogue life in the U.S.

Rabbi Tarfon's teaching, "It is not your responsibility to finish the work [of perfecting the world], but you are not free to desist from it either" (Pirkei Avot 2:16), is a principle of faith to which Lisa abides.

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