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The philosophy of the Caring Community is to engage all the members of the Temple Am Echad community. We offer opportunities for each of us to make an impact in the lives of the most vulnerable among us, and to nurture and preserve the values of a diverse and vibrant Jewish community.

The Caring Community wants YOU!
Help us perform mitzvot: acts of love and kindness, hospitality to strangers, visiting the sick and consoling the bereaved.

•    Would you like to call a congregant to say hello?
•    Would you like to call a congregant on the Mi Sheberach list?
•    Would you like to drive a congregant to Temple, the doctor or other local errands?
•    Would you like to visit a congregant at home, in hospitals, or long- term care facilities?
•    Would you be able to call and/or visit the recently bereaved?
•    Would you like to take part in our Mitzvah Cooking/Baking Projects?
•    Would you be able to deliver food to fellow congregants following the birth of a baby, are ill, homebound,     returned from  the hospital or after Shiva?
•    Would you be able to deliver Bimah flowers to a local nursing home?
•    Would you be able to help prepare/deliver Hanukah goody bags.
•    Would you be able to prepare Shiva for a Temple member who does not have family or friends to do this mitzvah for them?

It takes all of us to make Temple Am Echad a caring and supportive community! A small amount of your time will help others in our Temple community. If you would like to explore the variety of ways you can help, please contact:
Ellen Tolle, (516) 569-2357,

Caring Community Documents:
The following documents/resources are available for download
•    Resource and Referral List
•    The Shiva Visit
•    Telephone Visiting
•    Visiting the Sick
•    Just for Us


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